Little Empire, Empress Hotel and Mobley at Frank

My buddy and I got to Frank just as the opening band, Little Empire, was finishing their last few songs.

After they finished, the band began to break down their setup.

At this point, we made our way over to the bar and both ordered a beer and a Hot Polish, one of Frank’s many hotdog options. 

My buddy received his order first.

I received mine shortly after with just enough beer left to make it through the meal.

Letting my food settle right before taking my next sip of the beer.

We finished our beers and food right before the second band, Empress Hotel, took the stage. Their guitarist is bending down to adjust his guitar while the band plays their first song.

Empress Hotel performed until around midnight and attracted the biggest crowd of the three bands that evening. 

We stuck around the stage and waited for the final band, Mobley, to start playing. The lead singer, Anthony Watkins II, hit the stage in a full suit as he caters to the keys here.

Watkins took off his jacket after the first song and continued to play in his tie and shirt until near the very end of their set.

Watkins took off his tie to end the night.